White Bird on Black Water

Gulls, they’re everywhere aren’t they? At least, they’re very common in my neck of the woods. So much so that they can often be overlooked (isn’t it strange how we do that with so many things that are all around us?) However, this particular bird happened to hang around on exactly the right patch of water, at exactly the right angle, with exactly the right light to make it look as though it were swimming about on ink.

What did this image teach me?

Black-headed gulls (such as this one, though in its winter plumage) generally live inland and not on the coast (they’re not seagulls), and they actually spend proportionally more time across their lives with white heads rather than black.

2 thoughts on “White Bird on Black Water

    1. scott says:

      That’s right, and the rest of the time they have that little dot on the side of their head.


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