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  • I Am A Sorting Hat

    I Am A Sorting Hat

    Here is one of the pivotal characters from the Harry Potter books / films… it’s the Sorting Hat. Currently sitting on a shelf in Dumbledore’s office.

  • Old Lady’s Hat

    Old Lady’s Hat

    Here’s an older lady, in a fancy hat. Looking rather stern, I would say.

  • Tip of the Hat

    Tip of the Hat

    Here’s another shot from that portrait session a few years ago. This was my first experience of using a proper lighting rig, and it taught me a lot (including which lighting set up to get). I really do need to get my lights out again, and do some more portraiture.

  • Beltane Hat

    Beltane Hat

    A few years ago I happened to find myself at a May Day Beltane celtic festival, as you do. There were quite a few people dressed up in suitably interesting outfits, including this chap in a very nice hat.