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  • Episode 16 – Lots of Locks

    Episode 16 – Lots of Locks

    This is the final episode in our short trip down memory lane… re-visiting a trip on the Cheshire Ring, in the ABC hire boat Glaucous Gull. In this episode we encounter a lot of locks (too many to count!), and a little rainfall (but not enough to put us off our journey). Once again, here’s…

  • Episode 11 – Return of the Boat

    Episode 11 – Return of the Boat

    This is the final leg in our recent canal trip along the Kennet & Avon, with a little bit of mooring up to start, and a tranquil, chilled out journey to end. We had a very good time on the canal, and whilst this may be the last “journey” video, we have a few more…

  • Preparing The Load

    Preparing The Load

    Affreightment Hiring a vessel So, it’s been a long time coming and we may be down to half a crew, but our next canal voyage is almost upon us, aye! We had originally intended to gather the crew and set off on another nautical journey in May, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the…