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  • The Lighthouse on Eilean Musdile

    The Lighthouse on Eilean Musdile

    This lighthouse, built in 1833 by famed Scottish civil engineer Robert Stevenson, sits upon the tiny island of Eilean Musdile. If you catch the ferry from Oban to Mull you will pass very closely to this historic building.

  • Souter Lighthouse

    Souter Lighthouse

    High up in the north east of England, on the coast of South Shields you will find this vibrant lighthouse.

  • The Red Stripe

    The Red Stripe

    We kick of another month with a brand new theme – April is all about Architecture. Architecture April. So what can you look forward to over the next 30 days? An eclectic collection of human-made structures, spaces, and buildings all designed to be used in some capacity, either as a home, a castle, or (as…

  • The St Ives Lighthouse

    The St Ives Lighthouse

    This little lighthouse was built in 1890, and stands at the end of Smeaton’s pier in St Ives. What did this image teach me? This lighthouse is 10.5m tall, and was built to replace the original lighthouse, after the pier was extended.