The Red Stripe

We kick of another month with a brand new theme – April is all about Architecture. Architecture April. So what can you look forward to over the next 30 days? An eclectic collection of human-made structures, spaces, and buildings all designed to be used in some capacity, either as a home, a castle, or (as with today’s imagine) a functional building.

We start with this, the Burnham-on-Sea Low Lighthouse. A very notable landmark on the northern coast of Somerset, England. It’s a 19th Century, grade-II listed building, and is still in operation as a lighthouse. It is known, and with good reason, as the lighthouse on legs!

2 thoughts on “The Red Stripe

    1. scott says:

      All I can tell you is that it was built in 1832. To compliment the “high” lighthouse, which was a tall tower built slightly in land.


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