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  • A Clear Cold Sky

    A Clear Cold Sky

    Here’s a photo from a few years ago… it seems appropriate for the current cold spell we’re going through. This image was taken whilst exploring Exmoor.

  • The Dark Tree

    The Dark Tree

    I really enjoy black and white photography, I think the absence of colour allows the image to focus on other things – contrasts between dark and light, textures, composition. This tree, found upon the hill at Burrow Mump was ideally placed against a bright sky.

  • Palm Sky

    Palm Sky

    I found this sharp looking palm tree whilst wandering the streets of Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Pink Sky Over A Dark Coast

    Pink Sky Over A Dark Coast

    Let’s bring this month of landscapes (and cityscapes, and seascapes) to a close with an early morning shot of the Devonshire coast, the clouds catching the first rays of sunlight. Thank you once again for following along this month, tomorrow a new theme will begin…

  • Over The Sea To Skye

    Over The Sea To Skye

    Here’s a shot of the water between mainland Scotland and the beautiful Isle of Skye in the distance.

  • Sky Over The Sea

    Sky Over The Sea

    I found this view, a mixture of bright evening sunlight and dense, stormy clouds whilst sitting on a bench in Gairloch, in Scotland.

  • The Commando Memorial

    The Commando Memorial

    Sticking with the theme of commemorative statues in Scotland, here’s a shot of the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge. This statue, of three commandos looking out towards Ben Nevis, represent the elite commando force set up by Winston Churchill after the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation.

  • The Abstract Sky

    The Abstract Sky

    Such beautiful, natural colours…

  • Burton Pynsent Monument

    Burton Pynsent Monument

    This monument stands atop Troy Hill, overlooking the Somerset Levels. It was built in 1767, following a design by Capability Brown, for former Prime Minister William Pitt (the Elder). It cost about two-thirds of the annual income of the estate upon which it stands, and is dedicated to Sir William Pynsent. The tower stands at…