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  • A Venetian Tower

    A Venetian Tower

    Aaaah Venice! What a fantastic and fantastical city, where roads are replaced by waterways and around every other corner there’s an interesting tower or bridge.

  • The Watch Tower

    The Watch Tower

    Another shot from Calico, this time of the old watch tower.

  • The Yellow Tower

    The Yellow Tower

    Here’s another small piece of architecture from the amazingly bright and colourful Sintra in Portugal.

  • Church Top

    Church Top

    Another shot from Malta, focusing this time on the top of an elegant church. The odd spikes around the roof are lights.

  • Gribbin Daymark

    Gribbin Daymark

    Built in 1832, this colourful structure stands on the edge of Gribbin Head, and marks the approach to the difficult, rock-filled entrance to Fowey harbour. It was designed to prevent boats from confusing the shallow waters of St Austell Bay with the deeper, less deadly nearby Falmouth harbour. First put in place by Trinity House,…

  • Sintra Tower

    Sintra Tower

    There is a place in Portugal called Sintra, and specifically the Palacio da Pena. This blue tower is part of that incredible structure. It’s like some kind of Disney theme park.

  • Burton Pynsent Monument

    Burton Pynsent Monument

    This monument stands atop Troy Hill, overlooking the Somerset Levels. It was built in 1767, following a design by Capability Brown, for former Prime Minister William Pitt (the Elder). It cost about two-thirds of the annual income of the estate upon which it stands, and is dedicated to Sir William Pynsent. The tower stands at…

  • Two White Towers

    Two White Towers

    This perhaps obscure photo, shows the tops of two white towers that I found in San Francisco, subsequent research tells me that they make up the highest points of the Saints Peter & Paul Church. That there are 100s of churches in San Francisco!

  • The Stratosphere

    The Stratosphere

    This is the tower attached to the Stratosphere Hotel, or The Strat as it is now known, one of several incredibly unique hotels you can find in Las Vegas. This shot was taken from my hotel window – not that I spent any real time in my hotel room. I had less than 3 hours…