Gribbin Daymark

Built in 1832, this colourful structure stands on the edge of Gribbin Head, and marks the approach to the difficult, rock-filled entrance to Fowey harbour. It was designed to prevent boats from confusing the shallow waters of St Austell Bay with the deeper, less deadly nearby Falmouth harbour.

First put in place by Trinity House, it is now owned and maintained by the National Trust. On certain (not so windy) days of the year, you can climb the 109 steps (and mind your head at the top!) and enjoy the view from 26m above the headland.






2 responses to “Gribbin Daymark”

  1. Jane avatar

    What an interesting light house and a great picture of it too.

    1. scott avatar

      Thank you. I’m glad you like it. We managed to climb to the top on the day I took this.

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