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  • This Little Light

    This Little Light

    Here’s a cool little thing…

  • Train Men

    Train Men

    Boys and their toys, huh?

  • Platform 2

    Platform 2

    This is the platform sign from Minehead railway station, and this brings our short train journey to a close.

  • Train Drain

    Train Drain

    I’m sure this level does exactly what it says – drains water from somewhere … but why? Can anyone explain it to me?

  • 75069


    All aboard! This shot is the start of a mini-set of steam train related photos. Choo-choo!

  • Snow Lines

    Snow Lines

    So there are parts of Britain that get snow regularly, and there are other parts (my neck of the woods) where snow is something of a rarity. Yet it does sometimes happen, as evidenced here…

  • The Funnel

    The Funnel

    Here’s a steam train funnel… I’ll give you 10 points if you can tell me which heritage railway line this photo was taken on (note that it was taken six years ago, and the engine has moved since then), and 1,000 points if you can name the engine itself (or give me it’s unique number).

  • Victoria’s Golden Lion

    Victoria’s Golden Lion

    This rather impressive looking lion sits, along with a few brothers, on the outside of Queen Victoria’s royal train carriage.

  • Steaming


    Here’s the final shot from this recent steam train related portrait set. There’s something very appealing about the old fashioned steam railway experience.