The Trafalgar Hawk

Trafalgar Square used to be home to hordes and hordes of pigeons, however that is no longer the case – thanks in large part to this fine creature (and others like it):

What did this image teach me?

Not everyone is a fan of these hawks (although they have reduced the rampant pigeon infestation down from 4,000 birds to around 120), and there have been several complaints at the cost of maintaining the hawks in Trafalgar square (one report from a few years ago claimed that it cost approximately ~£60,000 a year).

2 thoughts on “The Trafalgar Hawk

  1. robertwashington1 says:

    I didnt’ know this was happening. I note the bird is wearing jesses. Where does the bird go when in moult ? Does he wear a hood in transit? What is the vehicular transport for this deadly and handsome soul ?


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