We’re Off Again!

Here we go again, another canal boat hire, and another stretch of the Inland Waterways to explore. In this first episode, we are joined by two other crew mates, as we explore the Bath to Bristol (and back) section of the Kennet & Avon Canal, as well as a stint on the River Avon.

In this episode we spend some time travelling down the Bath locks (including going through the second deepest lock on the Inland Waterways system) and a quick detour to see Pulteney Bridge and the Weir in the centre of Bath.

We also come across the bravest heron we have ever seen – check it out!






4 responses to “We’re Off Again!”

  1. Robert avatar

    Best yet and becoming most professional.
    Love the heron photography and the final farewell to him at the lock. These sort of shots are most exciting and memorable.
    I look forward to the next episode.

    1. scott avatar

      Thank you. We are trying our best

  2. Jane avatar

    The narrator is speaking rather as the Queen does in her speeches “I have orften wondered….” Excellent commentary, beautiful photography and I concur with the heron comment, it really makes the film. Two separate films knitted together, as well. I love all the different aspects of bargee life that are covered in such a short space of time. Well done, and thank you for great entertainment.

    1. scott avatar

      What can I say? She’s clearly heard her mother on the phone

      But thank you, we appreciate you taking the time to watch.

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