St Michael’s Tower

The tower that now stands on the top of Glastonbury Tor is known as St Michael’s Tower. It is the second St Michael’s Tower to stand here, after the first (a wooden construction) collapsed during a major 13th century earthquake, said to have been felt as far away as London. This second tower is all the remains after the rest of the church on the hill was torn down (thank you Henry VIII). It has an open roof, and is considered to be a “scheduled monument” (meaning it is an archaeological site of national importance). As for the Tor (the hill), it is internationally famous – featuring in everything from celtic mythology to Hollywood movies.

What did this image teach me?

I learned that no one knows how the terraces (the ridged rings that are “cut” into the side of the Tor) were made… natural process, or by human hand? We will probably never know the answer.





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