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  • Stone Guardians

    Stone Guardians

    These two muscular statues stand guard either side of an ornate gateway, somewhere in the heart of Bucharest. I’m wonder who designed and built them? Who commissioned the work? Why? When? I should probably do some research!

  • Stone Face

    Stone Face

    Looking up, I saw this slightly stern stone face staring down at me. What is he guarding?

  • The Gravestone of Flora MacDonald

    The Gravestone of Flora MacDonald

    Flora MacDonald is famed for helping Bonnie Prince Charlie escape, after the Battle of Culloden. She helped whisk him away to the Isle of Skye. However, she was eventually arrested for her part in this historical story, and was sent to the Tower of London. That wasn’t the end for Flora though, instead she was…

  • Sheep on the Stone

    Sheep on the Stone

    Hidden away in the depths of Somerset are the Stanton Drew stone circles and coves. They form the 3rd largest set of standing stones in England, having been built some 4,500 years ago. Yet they are not really very well known. Unless you’re a sheep, that is.

  • St Andrews, Burnham-on-Sea

    St Andrews, Burnham-on-Sea

    This is St Andrews church, built by the water at Burnham-on-Sea. I believe it’s the best part of 700 years old.

  • The Arches Within

    The Arches Within

    Here’s a shot from within Wells Cathedral, focusing on the curvature of the stones…

  • Dark Wood & Stone

    Dark Wood & Stone

    Here’s a dark image, some rough and splintery wood on a grim stone beach.

  • Castle Stone

    Castle Stone

    This is a small section of the last castle to be built in England; Castle Drogo.

  • The Stone Eagle

    The Stone Eagle

    This rather aggressive looking stone eagle sits upon the wall outside the Spread Eagle pub at Stourhead.