The Curl of the Fern

Ferns are amongst the oldest species of plants (or any life) on the planet.  This fact alone makes them worthy of a picture or two.

Thinking that there was nothing overly special about it, I had originally walked past this particular fern, and it wasn’t until I doubled back to this spot and then crouched down that I found the shot I was looking for.

I decided to focus on the single, curled up fern and then let the other fronds work as a kind of soft backdrop.  I often like to focus on a single subject in situations like this, it helps to give the eye somewhere to start when viewing the shot.

2 thoughts on “The Curl of the Fern

  1. 8th January
    Don’t know whether you have seen Google’s picture of the day, today, but it is of ferns! Nothing like as good a picture as yours – they could take some lessons from you!

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