The Dark Dress

We’ve made it to February, and so it’s time to change to a new theme. This month we have: Monochrome.

Yes, a whole month of black and white images.

I am a big fan of black and white imagery, as anyone who has followed me even for a short while will no doubt know.

There’s a lot more to monochromatic images than simply removing the colour from a shot… there’s so much room for enhancing tones, focusing on composition, texture, lighting… so many things!

However, I can already hear people sighing “oh no, not a whole month without any colour!” So, just because I like a challenge, I will throw in a few bonus colour images too, so keep an eye out for them.





2 responses to “The Dark Dress”

  1. robertwashington1 avatar

    I recognise the model. I wonder when that was taken?

    1. scott avatar

      You certainly should – this was taken a couple of weeks ago.

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