The Shape of Scotland

What can I tell you about standing in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, that you haven’t already heard? How about this…

Glengarry Cross

Last year I spent a few days in the summer exploring The Highlands of Scotland – one of my absolute favourite places on this planet. Everywhere you look there’s something enchanting, something just begging to be photographed.

This little metal cross, for example… I have no idea who put it there (but thank you!) and part of me doesn’t really ever want to find out.

I was completely alone, just the cross and I watching the early morning sun slide into the sky. Magical.

A little way along the road there is a small lay-by marked up as the “Glengarry Viewpoint”, where if you’re lucky you’ll spot a Loch that bares a striking similarity to the outline of Scotland itself.

Unfortunately the trees have grown so tall here over the last decade that the once iconic view is now disrupted and almost impossible to see.

However if you travel east for just a short while, there is another place to stop (just about large enough for a single car to pull over), and you get an equally good view – with no obscuring trees.

Glengarry View

I’m sure if you tilt your head and squint a bit, you can still see the shape of Scotland in the Loch.






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