Water, Water…

The Somerset Levels are half sunk at the moment, with water everywhere – taking this landscape somewhat back to its historical roots (in ancient days this part of England used to be an impassable swamp)

This image also represents the first of my photographs posted in 2020! I am making a pledge to myself (and now to the world!) that I will post one image a day on my website for the next year. I know I have previously talked about not doing that, and posting less often, but honestly I found that if I post less often I tend to forget to post at all! So here we go again.

What did this image teach me?

Standing in the middle of a flooded field, water almost reaching the top of my wellies, I learned a lot of about keeping my balance with this photograph. I also learned that crouching down to get a lower angle isn’t as easy as it used to be (well, the crouching was fine – it was the getting back up again that became the challenge!)






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