Yosemite Tunnel View

This is the classic view of Yosemite, I mean if you google “yosemite view” this is by and large the scene you’ll see. Why is that? Because it’s an incredible view, and an incredibly easy location to reach and take a photo from. Just pull in to the convenient layby, hop out of your vehicle, take a snap, and you’re done.

If I’d had a bit more time, I may have tried to work the scene a little more, try to find a more unique angle (if possible), but given that I only had a few minutes and there were so many other people doing the very same thing, all I could do is point and shoot. I’m happy with the result, even if I know that there are several hundred views just like it out there.

This view is known as Tunnel View, due to the fact that you pass through Wawona Tunnel to reach Yosemite.

What did this image teach me?

Whilst the ambition is always to create new and interesting images, sometimes you just have to concede that everyone else is doing the very same thing as you.






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