The Red Rocks of Sedona

And so our slightly erratic month-long tour of America comes to an end, and where do we stop? In the somewhat mystical town of Sedona, Arizona.

This small town is surrounded by a lot of red rocks, and there’s a strong belief that the whole place is full of spiritual vortexes, pockets of swirling energy that have the power to heal, and fill you with inspiration. So they say.

I did get sprayed in the face with a fine mist of clean water, whilst I was there (it was incredibly hot and one of the local shops offered a “cooling” service by periodically firing water in your eye).

What did these images teach me?

Sedona is the only place in the world to have a McDonalds that has turqoise arches (rather than the more usual yellow). This is because the locals didn’t think the golden-yellow colouring would suit the Sedona surrounds. Some people travel from thousands of miles away to see these off-colour arches. Yep, it’s true. I must confess i didn’t even spot the McDonalds when I was there, oops!






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